Eagle Executives is an International recruitment facilitator.

  • We have over 16 years (collectively with Khuphukani) of credibility and integrity in high profile international management positions.

  • We are quality driven, not volume driven.

  • Bells and whistles on websites do not impress us. Anything can be written.

  • We believe that relationships are the key to authenticity. We work with HUMANS and not paper or algorithms.

  • We focus on personal interviews with candidates.

  • We ensure that experience and knowledge are suitable character matches to a potential company’s profile and corporate culture.

  • We place people we would be willing to employ.

Our Focus: 

CEO and management positions in retail, agriculture, hospitality, technical, educational and engineering sectors. Training and workshops if requested by clients.

Our Mission:

Soar to great heights with clients and candidates by maintaining one-on-one relationships.